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Celebrate all the rewards of your garden by throwing a family party. Involve your children in the decorating, cooking, and crafting preparations then end your day with a nice long soak in Calendula bubble bath. Get creative... Find more ideas HERE.

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Roses should be pruned lightly in spring. Deadhead flowers throughout the summer. Mulch area in the fall and tie canes securely. Fertilize established roses in the late winter. There are literally hundreds of types of roses, all requiring a little different care. These tips are general to roses.

"A rule of thumb for colder climates is to prune the roses when the forsythias are ready to show colour. This gives an easy, localized yardstick to go by." -Mike of Vancouver Island

Insects and Disease Common to the Rose:




AphidsGreen or brown insects. Form colonies. Suck the vital juices from roses.

Spray with soapy water.
Black SpotFungal disease - causes black spots to appear on the foliage.Throw away all pruned clippings. Dont water from overhead.

CankerFungal disease that causes the canes to die Black or brown discoloration.Prune all canes to below any signs of canker in spring.

MidgeA tiny maggot which bores into roses causing buds to blacken.Prune out and destroy damaged areas.

RustA disease that leaves an orange powder. Caused by wet, mild winters.

Commercial Fungicide.

Spider MitesFolliage turns dull red and in advanced stages webs will be visible.Spider mites will not tolerate water

Caring for Roses

  • Roses like to be fed lightly but OFTEN.

  • Deep water them from the base of the plant so as not to get water on leaves. To much moisture can result in mildew and other fungal diseases.

  • Roses don't require as much watering as many other plants but like a thorough "root soak" when they are watered.

  • Do a major pruning in the early spring to encourage growth and clear out old, weak or diseased wood.

  • Deadhead roses during the growing season to encourage more blooms.

  • You can prune lightly in fall to prevent larger branches from being damaged in wind storms and to clean up faded blooms. If your roses have been badly infected by disease, cut out diseased parts with a harsher pruning in the fall.

  • "Sometimes a failing rosebush can be revived by tapping the sides of the main cane/branch several times with a stick. Not too hard, tho!" - Patricia of Edmonton, Alberta CANADA

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"A thorn defends the rose, harming only those who would steal the blossom. " - Chinese Proverb

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