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Celebrate all the rewards of your garden by throwing a family party. Involve your children in the decorating, cooking, and crafting preparations then end your day with a nice long soak in Calendula bubble bath. Get creative... Find more ideas HERE.

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The unique shape and wide array of colors are what make Glads one of my favorites. If you live In zones 1 - 7 you will need to dig up the corms in the fall and store them over the winter. Other zones can leave them in the ground. Dig them up if you are expecting a very wet winter. Even with well drained soil, some of mine were damaged this year by the excessive rain.

"The earth smiles in flowers"

Planting & Aftercare:


Special Features

Best Conditions


Easy care

Full Sun
Summer flowering Excellent for cuttingWell drained fertile soil

You will need:
gladioli corms, trowel, compost, bonemeal, mulch and stakes.

  1. Dig a round hole or a trench for rows if you prefer.

  2. Add compost and bonemeal into the hole, then cover with a couple of inches of soil.

  3. Place the glodioli corms into the soil with the pointed ends facing upwards.

  4. Cover the corms with the rest of the soil then add mulch and water well.

  5. Staking these plant may be required so they do not bend under the weight of the blossoms. Metal hooped stakes work well for glads.

    Tips for Gladiolas

  1. Large Flowering glads should be planted from April to June. Smaller flowering varieties should be planted in the fall or in early spring, depending on which zone you live in.

  2. If you soak your corms in a mixture (of a gallon of water with a tablespoon of disinfectant) for a couple hours before planting them; they will be less likely to be affected by thrips later.

  3. Plant a new batch of glads every week until midsummer for continuous blooms.

  4. Cut glads when the second floret opens for longest lasting bouquets. Scrape the stems to keep them looking fresh.

  5. When buying your glads... Choose large, firm corms. Avoid corms that have signs of growth or mold.

  6. Gladiolus corms will produce cormlets over time. You can dig them up and peel off the cormlets to grow new plants.

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