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   February Feature:  Seeds

No matter what types of seeds you decide to order from your catalogues this year, it is important that you start your seeds at the correct time. Is it time for you to get started? ... Find out more HERE.

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"Now crocuses come smiling through
Grey February's fog and mist
gold like the sun,deep lilac too
Defying winter's icy kiss"

~By David Squire~

  • No matter what types of seeds you decide to order from your catalogues this year, it is important that you start your seeds at the correct time. Ensuring the garden is ready at the same time the seedlings are ready to go outdoors.

  • Start sowing seeds by counting back 6 weeks from the last frost the previous year.

  • "I save and re-use old film canisters to store seeds that I gather from my garden each year. You have to make sure that the seeds are completely dried out before placing them in the canister but it keeps the moisture out. I also mix a small amount of sand in with the the finer seeds so that when I am planting them they are more evenly distributed in the garden." - Bert

    Starting Seeds Indoors:

  • Egg shell halves, Peat pots or soil wafers are a great way to start seeds because once they are ready for the garden they can then be planted eggshell or peat container and all.

  • Fill each eggshell cup with soil and plant your seeds in them. The seeds will need to be kept warm and moist to germinate. Read the seed package to find out whether or not you should cover the seeds or leave them on top of soil.

  • After the seeds sprout, move them to a sunny window and continue to keep the soil moist.

  • Add a light fertilizer approximately once a week if you are starting your seeds in peat pots. (You will not require as much fertilizer if you are using the eggshell method.) Then move them out to your garden when it is ready. (Usually mid-May here)

  • The eggshells act as food for the plant and when you place them into the soil the roots of your plant will grow right through the eggshell as it begins to soften and decompose.

  • Save your eggshells all year round along with other organic materials and add them to your compost.

There was a young lady of Leeds
Who swallowed six packets of seeds
In a month, silly lass
She was covered in grass
And she couldn't sit down for the weeds!



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